Is having epilepsy dangerous?

One of the tricky things about epilepsy is that nobody knows when you might have another seizure.

So it’s really important that you and the grown-ups around you, know the best ways for you to keep safe.

The doctors and nurses will do everything they can to help stop the seizures and get the right medicine for you. And while they are doing that, the grown-ups at home and at school will help you with what to do and what not to do.

Here are some things they will probably say:

  • Climbing up high is not a good idea. That’s just in case you have a seizure and fall and break something
  • It’s not safe to have a bath on your own. Make sure you have a grown-up with you. A shower is safer than a bath. And just make sure you have a grown-up with you if you go swimming
  • If you cycle, make sure you always wear a helmet. And it’s best if you don’t cycle on busy roads if you’re still having seizures
  • You might have been told you have photosensitive epilepsy. This means you have to be careful around flashing lights. This is because sometimes they could make you have a seizure
  • The people who look after you at home and at school will need to know about your epilepsy and first aid. We have lots of information about that on our main website

So you can definitely still have lots of fun!

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