How will the doctor decide if I have epilepsy?

It’s important for your doctor to know what happens to you before, during and after a seizure. The doctor might ask a grown-up who looks after you to write down as much information as they can, each time you have a seizure. The grown-up might write this information in a ‘seizure diary’ or on an app on their phone.

The doctor might also ask a grown-up to film you when you have are having a seizure. A mobile phone can be just the thing for this.

Your doctor might ask you to have some tests. Don’t worry – they don’t hurt. Children usually have an EEG test. Your doctor might ask you to have a brain scan as well.

The information from the tests can help your doctor decide if you have epilepsy. It can also help them choose the right medicine for your epilepsy.

You can see a video of a child having an EEG in the Watch section

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